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Please read before filling out the form: Connection is everything. It is the catalyst for a fantastic experience and without it can lead to totally awkward moments. Making a genuine connection with you is our top priority. This ensures that you’re comfortable and we feel like a guest, almost a friend at your wedding. And do you know what feeling comfortable leads to?….AMAZING VIDEOS and PHOTOS! We know you might be looking at this form like “dang this is mad long” but trust us it’s worth filling out. After it’s filled out here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We respond within minutes, not days.

  • We’ll set up a meeting (video call or phone call)

  • Be prepared for some serious customization and honesty. Our quotes are tailored to your needs!

  • We work with a legal contract and a Deposit payment. This gets you officially on our calendar and you can cross “Videographer/photographer” off your wedding checklist.

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