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Wedding videos are a fun way to relive your special day over and over again. But first, you need to make sure you get the right videographer that fits your style (and budget)

Check out these helpful questions you should ask while booking your Wedding Videographer.

1. What is the videography style? 
There are many styles of videography. Whether it is documentary or cinematic, it is important to discuss the type of video style you want, and make sure they offer it. Our style it's completely Cinematic, you'll love it!

2. How do you choose the music for the film? 
Discussing music is a great idea because it plays such an important part in your wedding film. You will be able to let your videographer know the types of genres you like and you can provide a list of songs for them to choose from. Today it's really important your wedding video music because there are some songs with copyrights and always will be better to use non-copyrighted music.

3. Have both vendors shot together before? 
Your photographer and videographer will be working side by side, so you should make sure they know how to work as a team while capturing your big day. For example we've worked with many photographers in all U.S and we are all time discussing how to work together to get the best images possible.

4. When will I receive my wedding video? 
Editing can take awhile, especially during wedding season. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask when you will receive your final video so you will know when to expect it. Usually Videography companies delivers their wedding videos in approximate 6 Months, we are all time doing the best to deliver our final galleries 2 Months after your wedding.

5. How long have you been filming weddings? 
This will give you a better understanding of how how long your videographer has been in the industry. You should also ask to see their previous work whether they are new to the industry or old. This is an important question because will give you an idea of your wedding videographer experience, for example our company have more than 3 years in the market with 5 Awards in the past 3 years. 

6. What equipment will you use? 
There are always new methods as well as technology, so it is a good idea to make sure your videographer is up-to-date with the most reliable equipment. We are everyday upgrading our equipment to offer the best quality to our customers. 

7. Have you shot at my venue before? 
This is a great question to see if the videographer is familiar with your venue. If they have shot there before, they will know the ins and outs of the area. If they have not shot at your venue before, then you may want to ask if they will visit before the day-of your wedding. Experience it's all and if your videographer have worked before in your venue it will be easier to shoot your wedding.

8. What is your editing process 
Editing can be done in many ways and some types of editing can change the quality of your video film. Asking how your videographer edits their videos will let you know what kind of videos they produce. 

9. What packages do you offer? 
Videographers usually offer a variety of different packages and deals.You should discuss what package you want to get the best deal that fits with your budget, for that reason we offer variety of prices.



10. Do you have a second shooter? 
Having a second shooter is like having another set of eyes at your wedding. This ensures that nothing will be missed during the getting ready process, ceremony, reception, and all the good stuff in between. This is a good reason why include a second shooter and why we include a second camera in the majority of our packages.

If you have clear all these 10 questions then you are ready to pick​your Wedding Videographer and we would love to be part of your special date.



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